[Report] JKT48 Exclusive Live in Concert (Jogja Expo Center, 10 Mei 2014)

Sudah super lama banget ga update blog gara-gara keasikan main twitter sama FB, cuman karena kali ini pengin banget nulis sesuatu dan hasil draftnya kepanjangan akhirnya nulis disini aja biar lebih enak dan ga spamming di timeline xD Anyway, karena tulisan ini dibuat dalam kondisi setengah sadar dan setengah ngantuk, harap dimaklumi apabila isinya terlalu panjang, berbelit-belit dan bahkan sangat berantakan konteksnya.

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Izumi - =__="

Badut Ongkir

HELOO!! Lama tidak berjumpa lagi dengan saya di LJ setelah sekian lamanya. Sebetulnya sih gatel pengin langsung post ini ke kaskus, tapi gak ada salahnya di share dulu disini, mumpung lagi anget kejadiannya :3

Jadi, semula bermula dari tweet ini:

Alkisah, akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk mengontak dia dengan dasar kepercayaan aja :) Well, kisah intinya bukan disini sih sebetulnya, tapi lebih baik dibaca saja screenshot SMS super panjang ini, jangan diklik kalo nggak mau ngakak aja sih, hahah.

(PS : omong2, aku dah lama nggak buka livejournal, kok sekarang template buat nulisnya agak aneh gini ya...)

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Mihashi - Sick again T__T

trip to Bandung last week....

Last week (2012/10/06 - 2012/10/09), I'm going to Bandung with my best friend, as a TOUR GUIDE to showed him around Bandung. Well, he's planning to get some cheapformal suit. Ok, please don't laugh since I'm naturally from Jogja, not Bandung-native. But at least, I knew some places, even I'm going there only 3 times before.

I'm only using economic train to save money, haha... It's not very confortable since I have to share my feet along with 3 people in front of my seat. And yeah, the seat is 90' degrees. not as comfortable like 115' degrees seat in business class T__T Well, yeah, the price said everything, I have to bear with it...

Ok, in this entry, I don't want to talk much. Just want to let you know how much I spend and how much I walked in there just to save money. Hahahha.

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See? Bandung itself is not expensive even if you're going from Jogja. If you could find a cheap hotel (well, it shattered everywhere, I'm using a bit expensive one since I want to sleep in peace), and also wants to walk and using angkot everywhere, I think you'll only going to spent at about max 180k IDR per person. Trust me! :)
Mihashi - Sick again T__T

R.I.P. Chocobi (June 2003 - May 28th 2012)

Well, this is the first time I tell you a story about a little chicken from 9 years ago that I bought for only 1k IDR (0,1 USD), well, it's not about the price, but still, I couldn't believe a chicken could live for 9 years O__Oa

Well, today, May, 28th, it dead.

Not dead because of sick or aging, but it dead because bitten my new Siberian Husky that just going to stay in my home for only 3 days. Well, in it first 10 hours in my house, at the morning... My mom's worker found it on the backyards, and the dead is really cruel... It head and body separated.

I was so, so angry so I beaten the dog until it scared from me, and I give the dog 4 bites of chocolates, life should be paid by life. At least, that's whats happen in my minds :( On the night, the owner come and said sorry to me, I just said that he must paid 3M IDR for replacement, and he's okaying. My friend said that it was the owner's fault, not the dog itself, because of mislearning process.

I cried when I have to spread flowers on it cage, I remembered the time when it still very small, I gave it lamp to make it warms... I was thinking that I'm going to let it go when I saw that it feathers already fall from it body. If it dead because of sick or aging, I'm just going to let it go... But reality is different...

Thanks Chocobi for always guarding my home's backyards :(
Mihashi - Whaaaa~~

getting a new camera!

Few days ago, when I browsed at some computer online shops, I found this Canon DSLR CANON EOS 1100D Kit - Red color. At first I just think, "WOW", the color is just, very-very nice! xD

And I decided to change my previous pocket camera, without any reason. I just wanted that red color! It's really cuteee and truly my color xD

On the next day, when Greg and I looking around many camera's shop in Jogja, it seems that they don't had any stock, some of them said I can ordered it, and it'll arrive in 2 days maximum, but the price they had is just expensive. Like, 5,05M IDR (510USD) with only 4GB SDCard + bag, or 4,65M IDR (475USD) with only camera kit, no bonuses at all. So I think I'll just pass...

I've also been thinking getting NIKON D3100 that also had red color for the body, but the price is beyond my budget ==" (it was 5,5M/580USD at the time).

And thanks God, I've googling it, and I found out that the camera color is just dumb, the body is red, but behind the body is brown, really contrast! And I found that there were brown color of this product, with full brown body ^^;;

Since I never liked something that too mainstream, well, like, DSLR camera always using black color, rite? So I decided to get this!

This morning, I accidentally found it ^^a Well, I was going to get some breakfast and near there is a camera shop, so after getting some food, I stepped there, and asked, "hey, do you have any stock of EOS 1100D, brown?" | "WE HAVE!!" | my heart is pounding! so I asked again, "how much is the price?" | "4,75M (485USD), and we'll give you free tripod, free bag and free 4GB SDCard." | I accidentally said, "DEAL!! I take it" without thinking, LOLOLOL.

And welcome home, my new camera, "Jerry"* :D

*I named it Jerry since the color is brown, and my girlfriend camera is black and named "Tommy". I'm hoping for camera-fight anyway #lol
Taichi - eeee?

デジモン シリーズ メモリアル ブック

LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz

My order of "Digimon Series Memorial Book" just arrived today, as expected, it's really worth the price ^^v

At first I was really thinking to buy it since it was a bit expensive, but after seeing the picture inside in ebay, I decided to buy it, and my expectation is right, is worth the price and the memory, although it has 348 pages, most of it is in black and white '__'a But there were so many never before-seen character concept art :D

Well you know, I'm fan of digimon itself since 2001 :p I was thinking to get the 100th CD box but after thinking many times, oh yeah, it was already very expensive, so I just could afford this T__T

Here's sample of the pictures ^^v
LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz
LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz
LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz

Long live digimon!!
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Izumi - Hehe


A human is much stronger
Than I thought, isn't he?
I've stayed in the darkness a little longer
But it's time to go

I couldn't see anything
After that, I saw everything
The road ahead is too narrow
And I have no choice but to walk alone

What had been two
Became one, and became two

ayumi hamasaki - BRILLANTE

This song is really a sign, and it's actually real.
ayumi hamasaki, the Japanese Pop Empress just announce that she's divorce with her husband, Manuel. After their shotgun wedding in January, 1st 2011, she's wanting to move to USA. But after the earthquake on March 2011, she's can't leave Japan. And since today, she's decided to divorce.

I'm actually sad with this news TBH, since her wedding, I was wanting them to be happy since they're a good couple and very nice to their fans. Although I'm mad before, but that's past x__x

I'm getting very sad because I was hearing Virgin Road and How Beautiful You Are when I'm reading those news :(